We are looking to add to our team of fabulous tutors at BTHQ.  No formal teacher training qualifications are required as we believe the best way to learn is from experience but you must be confident in talking to groups of people and instructing in your chosen craft.

Previous workshop experience is not necessarily required after all everyone has to start somewhere, but you must be able to show that you could assist a pupil in fixing a mistake and answer questions that may arise during a workshop.

Lastly you must be passionate about BTHQ and driven to promote the other classes we offer within the business, not just your own.  We need you to gently encourage pupils to return and sign up to more classes at the studio as well as purchase materials and equipment from us following their classes. (In fairness this usually happens pretty naturally as they have a great time when they are with us).  Whilst we do not have a formal commission structure it is in your best interest as a tutor to ensure that the pupils return so we can keep hiring you to run more classes!

If you have an idea for a workshop you would like to deliver at BTHQ, please send us an email or letter outlining your experience and what you think you could offer as a fun workshop.  We have knitting, quilting and crochet covered but are open to suggestions for other crafts and any other technically specific sewing classes which we don’t always offer.

Please also tell us when you are available to deliver workshops.  i.e. Only in school hours, only at weekends, just evenings, not daytimes etc. BTHQ is currently open Tue, Wed, Fri & Sat but we hope to open 6 days a week and a couple of evenings in the near future once our team grows.

We will then reply to you and may ask you to make us some samples or supply is with some pictures of your crafts so we can sound out our existing pupils on the potential options available.

Materials are always provided by Beautiful Things if pupils are not required to bring them themselves so you would be paid an agreed hourly or per workshop rate following your workshop.  You would be employed on a self employed basis and would be responsible for invoicing us for your time.  Therefore you are responsible for your own tax and National Insurance contributions.