Fun pouffy sleeves and a fabulously funky print whats not to like about Agnes?

agnes tilly buttons jersey sewing pattern front view shoulders

I love, love, love this top pattern.  Granted it helps that I am a little skinnier than I used to be and can now wear tight fitting clothes but the main reason this top looks so nice is that it’s a ‘Tilly’.

agnes full view tilly buttons top

As much as I go on about her, Tilly Walnes really does make exceedingly good patterns! Great instructions, lovely fits and pattern pieces that actually fit together where they are supposed to every time.

agnes tilly walnes jersey sewing pattern shoulders

There’s not really a lot more to say about this really other than, you have to try it!

If you’d like your hand held, or are a little bit scared of Jersey you can always come along to one of our Agnes classes where we will help you every step of the way.  You will leave with your very own fabulous top and have fought the fear of jersey too.

And if you  love this fabric then it’s available from Plush Addict HERE