Many of you have had your own sewing encounters long before coming to see me at BTHQ.

This may have been learning to sew at school, being taught by a family member or trying to teach yourself.

So, I am here to ask you to join me on Facebook for a live discussion around your sewing experiences, have they caused you more pain than pleasure?

Recently, I received an email detailing one person’s experiences with sewing:

“For me I was the last to be chosen at PE as I wasn’t great at team sports – I was slow and not at all competitive. The memories associated with PE are humiliating and there’s no way I would volunteer to go back to that environment.

My memories of sewing are similar – I tried and failed and the whole class knew because the teacher showed them my disastrous attempts and banned me from the sewing room = humiliation.  In order to change my ‘association’ with sewing = pain/humiliation. I would need a new and far more positive experience and be willing to ‘risk’ the humiliation and give it a go. I’d need to trust you and the other people there to provide a safe and supportive environment.”

I am thankful to say that, I believe, the way I teach sewing at Beautiful Things offers completely the opposite experience that this lady had. Our classes cater to your level of experience, if you’re a complete novice or very advanced then we have something for you!

The curriculum is built to make sure that sewing is fun, delivered in bite sized easy to learn segments and I, or one of my amazing tutors is always on hand to answer any of the questions you have.  We also always guarantee small classes of no more than 4-6 pupils at any one time.

The aim of a Beautiful Things sewing courses is that you will learn new, transferable skills, you will be proud of the things that you walk away with and you will always walk away with a finished item, that is our promise to you.

So my question to you is this; did your sewing journey start with a bad experience? And if so, what turned it around, or are you still waiting for something to change your mind about sewing?

Join me tomorrow night (Fri 18th Aug 2017) at 8.30pm and we will have a chat around your sewing experiences both positive and negative.

The LIVE stream will be on my business page on Facebook so be sure to come over and like it ahead of time.  If you can’t make it, send me your thoughts or questions in an email or comment and I will respond to them in the live stream.

Don’t be scared to try something new, to step out of your comfort zone and re-try something that hasn’t worked for you before, for whatever reason.  Things can be different and when you do it the Beautiful Things way you won’t look back!