Thank you all so much for responding to our recent survey regarding life at BTHQ.  We have taken on board all of your comments and have already started to put plans in place to accommodate your wants.  I thought I would pick up on a few things that where mentioned and reply directly so you can all see what we are thinking.

For those who have not made it to BTHQ yet the main reasons were work, childcare and finances.  Well obviously we can’t help you needing to work (it’s a pain I know) but we do have weekend and evening classes and try to save these slots for people who can’t make mid week sessions where possible.  Finances and Childcare often comes hand in hand but we do have a great deal with Little Legs nursery for childcare during classes and after lots and lots of you asking we will be launching a pay as you go scheme soon so you can start to save monthly towards your classes. Our lovely Web developer is looking into an online system right now for you all.

A couple of other answers which stumped me where ‘I’m a novice’ well there is something for all levels at BTHQ including free starter classes.  I also received answers such as ‘no suitable classes’.  If that was you please do get in touch and tell us what you are after and we can put it on for you.

It seems we have our class times about right.  You would all love more weekends and I am doing my best to get external teachers in for when I am on holiday to make the most of those precious Saturdays.  Sadly we can only open once every 6 weeks by arrangement with our landlord on Sundays otherwise we would have more availability.  This Weekend I am away but the lovely Charlotte is back to teach fabric letters.  Come September my smallest littley will be starting school so we will be opening on Tuesdays as well and will be running more school hour classes so there is more hours on the cards.

Courses seemed popular so we will try to add a few more 2-3 week sessions.  We are keen to make sure that our sessions remain ‘short and sweet’ and we don’t become too much  like a college so will still have plenty of half day and full day classes too.

We asked you what you wanted and we had some responses such as ‘Making things not clothes’ I have to admit this one stumped me as we have bunting, bags, flowers, boxes, storage, blinds, cushions and all sorts.  If there is something in particular you had in mind though do let us know.

This popped up a lot ‘More patchwork’ & ‘Patchwork courses’ I do have a few technique sessions planned for after the Summer and I will ask Maria I she can break down her 1 day beginners into a course to be delivered for you.  Watch this space.

You also asked us for more crochet at weekends.  We have already sorted that one for you and you will notice we have flowers, beginners and a new Crochet Along cushion class all at weekends already on the calendar with more to come soon.

You asked us for more Parent and child sessions specifically at the weekends.  Sadly we can’t run these as our weekends are so booked up with adult sessions.  As much as we love teaching you and your children these classes are not cost effective to run at weekends.  We do try to make sure we always have plenty of sessions in the holidays and are always able to offer 121 sessions after school most days. On the subject of kids, you asked for more boys stuff.  I have my thinking cap on for summer holidays and am planning a minecraft related activity but if you have any great ideas do let me know.

For all you intermediate crochetters we were asked for a Crochet stitch masterclass and we think this is a great idea.  Give us a month or so to whip up some samples and write some patterns and we will get it on the schedule.

So thank you again, our feedback is always really useful to us.  We try to accommodate all your needs but as everyone is different this can at times be really tricky.

Most of all I was delighted that you are all so positive about BTHQ and what it means to you.  We are glad we are pressing the right buttons and do remember if we are not doing what you want, speak up about it and we can fix it!

On that note I shall leave you with the final response.

Kit Kats will be back just as soon as I can get to the cash and carry!