Square project bag with pin badge access


This bag has been designed for any of you knitters or crocheters who like to collect pin badges.

It’s a large square bag that is easily big enough for a sweater project or large shawl that has a neat zipper on the inside which allows you to get your hand between the outside and inside to attach your badges.  This means their backs are not in contact with your project and you wont get any snags in your yarn.

It’s a simple project for any level of sewer.  It is recommended that you use a heavy weight fabric such as curtaining, canvas or denim for the outside of your bag to give it structure and a 100% cotton for the lining.  You can even re-purpose an old pair of jeans or curtains if you wish.  Please bring 1 metre of fabric for the outside of your bag and 1 metre for the lining.  You will also need 2 metres of cord and an 8″ regular zip in the colour of your choice.

*You will either need a mans large pair of jeans (or several ladies pairs) if you are planning on using old jeans.

This bag has been designed in house at Beautiful Things.  You will receive the pattern and instructions as part of your course but this file is for personal use only, please do not share or distribute.  We work on the principle that all designers are credited for their work and paid accordingly.  You are able to sell bags made from this pattern on a small scale at fairs and for cottage industry purposes as long as credit is given to Beautiful Things for their design.

This class is also available as an online video course.  You can find out about it HERE.  If you choose to take the class in person with us then you will receive access to the video course free of charge as part of your ongoing use.

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