Learn what you want, when you want!

We know you are busy.   Maybe you are juggling part-time work with being a busy Mum, or you work 7 days a week and only have 2 hours a week in the evening to spare for crafts.

Whatever the reason you cannot attend one of our scheduled classes, we can make your opportunity to learn something new happen.

We have many days when our classes are not fully booked and are always happy to run classes alongside each other.  For instance, on some days Claire has 2 people making a dress, another 2 knitting and another couple just using the space to sew whatever they like.

BTHQ is a multi-purpose space and as such we are always able to juggle people and courses about.

If you see a class that you’d really like to take but you can’t make the date and time, don’t let that stop you.  Simply contact us and tell us what you’d like to book and we will find a time that suits you.

You can even break a 1-day class down into 2 or 3 shorter sessions if that helps.  Perfect if you have children at school.

(The only exception to this offer are the following courses which cannot be taken on an individual basis due to financial/staffing reasons: Crochet for beginners, 1-day intensive beginners sewing, 3-week beginners sewing, roman blinds & any class taught by a specialist external or guest tutor)


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