Knitting clinic

Join Carol for the day as she opens up her Knit Nurse clinic to help you with any project you like.

If you have missed one of our previously advertised knitting classes such as joining garments, teacosies, owl cable mittens, cable hat, socks, valentines, Christmas or Easter knits. Our cable cowl or any other pattern you would like to learn. This is your chance.

Prices will vary depending on what you wish to learn (as per the original prices listed when classes were listed) Times will depend on the project in question but Carol is in during the stated times. (Feel free to bring a sandwich)

Tue 7th March 11am – 3pm

11th April 1pm – 4pm

Drop us a line if you would like to book into this session, telling us what you would like to make and we will reply to you with a final cost and invoice you for the class accordingly.


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