Crochet Clinic


Crochet clinic is a session where you can learn whatever crochet you like. Maybe you want to brush up on some crochet stitches, or need help with following a pattern. This session is also ideal if want to take part in one of our CAL (crochet along) classes but have missed a session and need to catch up with the group.

This class is not designed to teach the basics, our beginners and intermediate courses are designed for this.  You would already know the basics of crochet to attend one of these sessions but want to focus on a specific task or technique.

If our not sure if this class is for you, give us a call on 01277 811136 to discuss what you’d like to learn or make.


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Tue 18th June (9.30 – 12.00), Tue 23rd Jul (9.30 – 12.00)


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