Payment Plan

Skint?  Penniless?  Downright brassic?

At Beautiful Things we appreciate you don’t always have cash in the bank to feed your crafty addiction.  So we’ve set up a monthly payment plan to take away the pain when we announce the class of your dreams!

Simply set up a subscription and we will look after your pennies and allow them to save up so that when the time is right for you, you can book onto any course of your choice.

There are 3 monthly payment options:

  • Be a Brassic Buttoner for £10 a month
  • If you’re a Penniless Perfectionist, it will be £15 a month
  • Or the Skint Stitchers amongst you can subscribe for £20 a month

When you are ready to start spending your pennies, simply choose the course (or courses!) you wish to book and contact us either via email or telephone and we will process your booking manually.  Even if there’s not quite enough in the pot to pay in full, you can always top it up.

HEALTH WARNING:  Your first payment will be taken as soon as you hit the Subscribe button below, with subsequent payments made on the same day each month.  Please ensure you won’t be leaving yourself short and sign up on a day that suits you best.

Monthly Payment Options

Terms & conditions:

Subscription payments are non-refundable and can only be redeemed in the form of classes. There is no expiry date.  Your money will continue to accrue for as long as you want it to.  You do not have to use your subscription money to book classes – you can book separately using PayPal or a credit/debit card via the website in the usual way.  Paying into a subscription plan does not guarantee your place on a particular course.  Bookings will only be confirmed upon full payment of the course fees.