Have you been pondering our Semi Virtual Crochet courses and wondering if £40 is a lot to spend on something that might not work? It wouldn’t surprise me, potentially it might be.

But……………….I am so confident in my training abilities and my product that I am prepared to offer you a 100% money back guarantee if you do not successfully learn to crochet using our beginners course ‘Learn to Crochet the Easy Way’.

By the end of the course you will know all your basic stitches, how to crochet with straight edges and follow a simple pattern to make a rose.  Once you have mastered all of that then blankets and garments are within easy reach.

Of course there has to be some Terms and Conditions to ensure you’re happy with how the guarantee works:

  • You must commence your course within 4 weeks of receiving your starter kit (we use tracked postage to ensure you receive your kit as soon as possible after ordering and will be aware of any delivery issues in the unlikely event that they should occur).
  • You must complete your course within 8 weeks of commencement.
  • If you are unable to understand or complete any of the parts of the course you must have contacted us either via the online support forum, email, in person or via the telephone and tried the solutions offered to you to rectify your problem.  After all we want you to learn to crochet, this is why these support options are available to you.  You can contact us numerous times (although we are confident you wont need to).
  • If after trying all of the above you are still unable to complete the course you must send back your full kit including all of the work you have attempted to do so far. (Please contact us and ask for a returns label) When we are in receipt of your package we will process your refund.
  • This offer only applies to course/kits purchased from 27th April 2017 onwards using the correct code at the time of purchase.

If you would like to take advantage of the money back guarantee then please use the code MONEYBACK in your coupon code box in the checkout. (this will also give you 10% off by way of a thank you).

Go forth and Crochet! What have you got to loose?

Claire x