Hats off to you Tilly another fabulous pattern.  As part of My ‘Me Made May’ challenge I said I would finish off more of my stash outfits.  Well I have had this fabulous jungle print fabric in the cupboard for a couple of years so it was time to turn it into something.

sewing miette

When I placed an order with Tilly for our Coco Patterns for class I needed to top my order up, so rather than order another bunch of coco’s I thought I would treat BTHQ to half a dozen Miette patterns too (There are 4 left in stock at BTHQ if any of you fancy popping in and having a go).

miette sewing pattern

I traced my pattern off first of all (with help from Stampy Cat) in case I needed to make any changes, but as with all Tilly patterns it fits like a dream.

stampy cat helping me trace off my miette pattern

I decided to go for the patch pocket option and went a bit crazy with the old decorative stitches as you can see!

miete skirt detailsmiette skirt detals

Granted most people go for a plain fabric for this skirt and I can see why.  Trying to pattern match this baby would be tricky.  Thankfully I went for a super busy print and made sure I wasn’t chopping any animals in half down the middle.  I tried to pick areas with statement animals for the pockets and I reckon it works ok.

tilly and the buttons miette skirt

I can see myself in the summer with a vest top on a nice safari!  Next up is a pattern hack to turn this into a miette/dungaree dress for my daughter.  Watch this space, if the kids behave this Bank Holiday I might get cracking.

If you would like to try a Miette and have your hand held, I would be happy to book you in for a class at BTHQ just drop us a line.