Back in March 2012 I wrote this post on my old blog ‘A day in the life of……’

It was before the studio, I had just had a baby and was on ‘maternity leave’ a.k.a. working for myself and looking after kids in the vain hope I could make a go of it full time and not go back to work.

Well I did it!

It’s a great read, it even mentions meeting with Jim a.k.a Mr Frog of Chicken and Frog Bookshop and without their input I honestly don’t think I would be where I am today.  Laughably I was also running with the lovely Laurie of Local by Social who has now gone on to be my fabulous web developer and she also made a massive transformation to my business this time last year. (I’m no longer running I have to add but hope to change that soon).

I think I might do another similar post, would you like to read it if I did?  After all I now have premises, work full time, both kids are at school and I have a new house too.  Lots has changed in 4 years but I still think I could be superwoman!

If you have a blog, why not go back and look at some old posts, it’s really interesting what you find.  I rarely get comments on my blog but it’s a wonderful way of documenting my life and where I have come from.