Friends who craft together stay together

So it’s time for us to launch an amazing special offer to celebrate the opening of our brand new unit at Beautiful Things.  The new space offers a huuuuge craft table just aching to host you for your next craft gathering.

We have put together some suggested sessions for you which are laid out below but here’s the deal:

If you fancy crafting with your friends, pick a session you’d like to try and then get your friends together.  Speak to us to find a suitable date for your party to join us and we will book you in.  Do you want to know the best bit? The organiser goes FREE!! Yes that’s right.  If you do the leg work and get your mates together your course is totally and utterly FREE OF CHARGE!

So here are the packages we are currently offering:

  • Mosaics £28 per head (max 8 pupils)
  • Bunting basics (sewing) £25 per head (max 6 pupils)
  • Fabric boxes (sewing) £25 per head (max 6 pupils)
  • Unicorn tote bags £20 per head (max 8 pupils)
  • Motivational Message art £18 per head (max 8 pupils)
  • Absolutely anyone can paint workshops £18 per head (max 8 pupils)
  • Bitesize sewing hair bobbles (sewing) £10 per head (max 6 pupils)
  • Tote bags (sewing) £25 per head (max 6 pupils)

We can also arrange other activities for you and the same offer can apply, just let us know what you fancy.  These are just some ideas to get you thinking.  Why not bring along some fizz or ask us to arrange a lunch or afternoon tea for you (additional catering costs apply, price on application)

You really don’t want to wait to book though as space and time in the studio is extremely limited, book now and have something to look forward to!  Perfect for a Christmas get together, a birthday treat, hen party or JUST BECAUSE.  Hey the kids go back to school soon, why not treat yourselves to some mummetime!

All you need to do to get the ball rolling is send us an email saying what kind of gathering you would like to arrange and we can look at dates for you.  You can then get in touch with your friends, find out what works for everyone and we can get you booked in.  (Payment is in advance to secure your booking)

We look forward to organising your perfect friends crafting session for you and to welcome you all to Beautiful Things.


On the Crochet Class Couch

As those of you who know me know I am extremely passionate about the way I teach crochet.  I have my thoughts on the best way to teach and why learning the theory is really really important.

Join me as I chat to Emma Dyos from JW3 PR about my passions, how and why I teach the way I do and why I try to discourage my pupils from ‘Running before they can walk’

This video will also help any of you who are maybe thinking about learning to crochet or need some help and support on an already existing journey to work out which of my learning opportunities is best for you.

So make yourself a cuppa, grab a biscuit and sit back for 20 minutes and enjoy a chat with me.

Pom Pom Crazy!!!!

Pom Pom Makers – what’s the fuss about?

Crafternoon Pom Pom Making

Cast your mind back to Christmas 2013, Kirsty Allsop was on your telly box twittering away about all the fabulous crafts she had tried for Christmas.

We were thrilled to learn how to tie die our own knickers………….or not and then came the BIG SHOW AND TELL!!

Kirsty showed us the Clover Pom Pom maker and the world went mad. Friends of mine with online shops sold out in minutes, the wholesalers could not keep up with orders and the world went pom pom mad.


We took a stock of pom pom makers to the Creative Craft show in February and within 3 hours had to put in an emergency order to our suppliers to have more delivered the next day!


Just take a look at what you can make with them. Pom Pom pets, angry birds, bobble hats, garlands, wreaths and lots lots more.

Pom Pom Pets craft course_Brentwood Essex
So what’s all the fuss about? The easiest way to explain is to show you our new little tutorial on You Tube. Take a look and see if we can excite you with pom poms.

Beautiful Things stocks all sizes of Pom Pom Makers in our shop so pop along if you’re after one.  Alternatively pop into the studio and try them out, we would be happy to let you play. We even have a pom pom pet class planned for the Easter Holidays.


If you are visiting the Five Lakes Creative Craft Show 12th – 14th Feb 2015 then pop by our stand where you can have a little play and purchase any of the 3 sizes we have in stock.