We had such a lovely start to 2017 with lots of people taking their first ventures into sewing and crochet.  We have seen 2 groups of people take our 4 week sewing course and another group take our 1 day intensive and we have taught 2 separate groups of beginner crochetters and a couple of drivers licence sessions too.  Not to mention our regular classes!  It’s been a busy time but we are delighted to say all of our beginners have booked on to more classes to progress their chosen craft.

beginners sewing class

So I thought I would share a couple of fabulous pupils with you.  First is Lorraine who is a regular visitor to BTHQ.  Although she has not been in yet in 2017 she sent me the following message to show how inspiring my You Tube videos are to her:

” I wanted to tell you how you vlogs / podcasts really inspired me to start knitting socks.  I’d always looked at them and thought 4 needles…no way. But watching your podcasts and your confidence grow with your own knitting got me started. I was gifted some beautiful yarn just before Christmas, so I printed the winwick mum pattern, picked your brains on various needles and you re-assured me that I could knit with magic loop so I cast on. Albeit on Christmas eve for the first time, and then again on new years day.  I’ve now just cast on a patterned pair.”


How lovely are lorraines fabulous socks?  If you want to enjoy the support and friendship BTHQ has to offer but can’t come to classes then join our facebook group. Beautiful Things Crafty Corner which is a great place to chat to fellow crafters about your ideas and ask for advice and guidance.

Next up is an absolutely fabulous project that I was really pleased to help with.  Debs contacted me last year to ask if I could help her and her friend Janet create some advent calendars.  They had bought some lovely Liberty fabric squares and were hoping to create something amazing with them.  We couldn’t get them booked in before Christmas sadly but they chose to come in in January to make their calendars for next Christmas. We designed these fantastic giant wall hangings with Liberty pockets.  We asked the lovely Charlotte who is one of our tutors to design and cut some iron on numbers in the liberty font which really set off the project.  Now Janet & Debs plan to fill each others calendars with lovely little surprises every year.

hand sewn liberty advent calendar

They had a wonderful 2 days with us creating, catching up on gossip, laughing and drinking tea whilst they sewed.  If you would like to come and work on something with your friends then do get in touch so we can help make your wish come true.

Last but not least it would seem our recent vlog about Mental Health has done it’s work.  We have seen a huge increase in the numbers of people coming in to simply ‘use the space’.  This is Viv who popped in to knit some socks and Elspeth.  Elspeth brought her Ancient Greek text books in to catch up on some revision!

dedicated craft space BTHQ

If you would like to pop in and use the space then all we ask is a donation to MIND our chosen charity.  You can find out about our work with MIND and why we have chosen them HERE