Beginners or Intermediate Crochet – In person + self study


Our beginners and intermediate crochet courses are so popular that we can’t keep up with dates.  If Claire wanted to she could probably teach crochet every day of the week, but if she did that there would be no craft or sewing classes taking place and that would lead to some grumpy customers!

This was one of the main reasons we created our Semi Virtual courses.  With professionally filmed videos of Claire teaching, close up shots of the hands filmed from above and fabulous kits so you can work at your own pace at home.

But we appreciate learning at home is not for everyone, making the time to actually sit down and concentrate on something can be hard and then when it’s not going quite to plan it’s easy to give up on your efforts.

So we have developed a great compromise.  If you simply cannot wait to get started (Our next in person crochet courses for beginners are already fully booked into the summer of 2018) but really feel you need a dedicated time to learn and a teacher on hand, then this is for you.

Our in person + home study option.

Come along to the session, bring your ipad or laptop, a pair of headphones and yourselves.  When you arrive you will be welcomed by Claire, set up with our online system and given your own individual learning portal.  You will be given your kit and a cup of tea or coffee and then left to learn together.

If you get stuck at any point or just need a gentle bit of encouragement Claire will be on hand to help you whenever you need her, just give her a shout.  Go home and carry on with your homework and come back the next week to carry on at your own pace.  Once your 2 weeks of studio time are up you can carry on with the courses at home or book in for more sessions at the studio. (follow up sessions are just £5 and all proceeds go to MIND our charity of choice)

So you get the best of both worlds.  Our fabulous beginners or intermediate crochet course, Claire’s help and expertise and yet you can get started much sooner and it’s half the price of our in person classes!

The reason our courses book up so quickly is purely down to their reputation.  Claire has a 100% success rate of teaching people to crochet and word gets around quickly!!



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Fri 2nd & 9th Mar (10.00 – 12.00), Sat 21st & 28th April (12.30 – 14.30)


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